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Ways to collaborate

We are always interested in opportunities to connect with new people. If you are a current or prospective student interested in working with us, reach out to Dr. Teo.


Whether its giving a talk to groups, speaking with journalists, or simply having an interactive discussion, Dr. Teo is always excited to help provide education in his areas of expertise.


As a scientist and health researcher, Dr. Teo and his team can help help you analyze, interpret or write up a summary of data you have already collected. Data can involve evaluation of programs or interventions, survey results or interviews or other qualitative sources. 


The most complete form of collaboration is to partner with Dr. Teo from start to finish on a project or study. In this way, he can work with your group to develop a research question, locate funding opportunities, execute the study, analyze results and plan dissemination products. 


If you are interested in ways to support our research or a new initiative, please feel free to contact Dr. Teo. Gifts may also be channeled through the non-profit foundation that Dr. Teo is affiliated with. For more information, visit the Portland VA Research Foundation.

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